About Me

Sup! My name is Rusty.

I’m helping millennials get their financial life back, through this blog, books, free worksheets, pins, posts, pic’s and tweets, I’ll help keep you within your budget.

My Financial Advice will help you get things in order, re-balance, or help you find your own way.  I actually like thinking and talking about taxes, money investments, and I want to help you get your financial life on track.

I’m a blogger, photographer, minimalist, foodie, and best of all a traveler.

I’ve always been a saver, I grew up always trying to put 10% of any money I’ve earned into savings or now a retirement account.  By saving I’ve been able to do what I want with my life.  And have saved my budget on more than one occasion.  Re-visiting the budget is a daily task. I also like to look back at what my monthly expenses have been.  Using this method I know what yearly items are coming.  Its important to plan for the unexpected.

  • I’ve cut the cable,
  • helped my parents cut the cable,
  • I’m using public transit to save on costs of  a car (gas, parking, wear and tear, extra maintenance), and
  • now I’m exploring a minimalist lifestyle.  By trying to not buy any big purchases for the remainder of this year and buying used items for the small stuff.

I’m one of those people that all my friends come to me with their money questions.  I know how to fill out that W-4 when you get a new job, I’ve researched various IRA plans, I like to try new investment apps and have made suggestions to friends and family on my favorites.  I’ve looked up 529 plans for my friends with new babies and have helped them research what is best for their situations.  Finally, I love analyzing the tax code trying to find loopholes.

Now I want to help you, lets work through this together.  Its time to talk money and get you feeling more in control of your money.

Money Talks!  Are you listening?