Bad Habits (its killing your budget)

These Time Savers are Ruining your Budget

  1. ATM Fees:  Just don’t do it!  These fees are killer and they aren’t worth it.  Most banks have apps that will show you where your closest ATM is.  Some banks waive fees, its worth checking into.
  2. Other Banking fees:  Check those bank statements!  Be sure to check if there are any fees associated with your account.  If there is anything weird call the bank right away to get them sorted out.
  3. Bottle Water: Go with the Eco-friendly travel water bottle or buy them in bulk.
  4. Pizza Delivery: We’ve all been there, its so nice to have them deliver a pizza to the door.   Try take-n-bake or buy frozen in bulk.
  5. Coffee Shops: Just bring it, There is extra sugar in the latte anyway!
  6. Prepared Fruits and Veggies: Planning ahead is hard to to, but it will save you a buck or two (oh, that rhymes).  Wash, cut, and separate food upon returning from the grocery store.  This makes it easy to grab and go.
  7. Vending Machine Items:  It is so easy to just plug in a few coins for a needed snack!  Just don’t do it!
  8. Fast food @ Convenience Stores:  Ah, the gas station, heat lamp, burger.  Its not healthy and not cheap!  Its time to start brown bagging it.  Bring a lunch or snack to make it thru the day.
  9. Soda from checkout cooler: Marketing, they know what they are doing.  Don’t fall for it.  Buy in bulk and plan ahead.
  10. Drink more water not soda:  This one is a bit odd, but stay with me on this one.  If soda isn’t on the grocery list then money saved!  Many reusable water bottles have built in filters now too.

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My Budget killer is an expensive coffee… What is your go to time saver that costs you?


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