Local Vegetables

Fast, Fresh, Affordable

This may sound like a Millennial thing, but we are all looking for fresh local food, local produce, organic choices, low prices, and more convenience.

Do we go super sized, Costco or Sam’s Club and get convenience with bulk?  Boxed Meals or Meal Delivery services now offered by several local groceries.  Or, is there another option?

If you do have to go to the local grocery store here are some common ideas about saving money.

  • Look Up Look Down: Eye level items pay a premium to be there.
  • Use Discount Apps, my favorite is Ibotta (I’m not adding an affiliate link, you can find it on Google Play yourself).  I’ve heard a lot about Flipp as well, I’ve just begun using this one and I’m trying to make a decision on it still.  I’m also a fan of the store app, especially Target Cartwheel.  Yes, I know big data, but if it saves me some money I’m OK with that.
  • Navigate the store:  Flipp or Cartwheel will help you make that trip to the store in one easy route, not the usual… you know go to the dairy, then produce, then back to the dairy, both while walking past the bread, then back to the bread isle.
  • Calculate: Keep track of the cost of the bill as you go thru the store.  Also, use that smart phone to figure out the cost per unit when comparing items.

What is your favorite app while at the grocery store?

Other Options:

  • CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Deliveries: Locally organic grown fruits, vegetables, or eggs delivered fresh right to a central drop site.  We pick-up our vegetable delivery at our local food co-opp.  These have been some of the best vegetables we’ve ever had and some we’ve never seen!  Last year they gave us a yellow watermelon, the red part was actually yellow!  It tasted just like a watermelon, and it was easy to get over the color difference.  We also found some new vegetables we’ve never had before, luckily our CSA sends us an email on what is in our box and suggestions on how to prepare them (very helpful!).
  • Organic boxed meal deliveries are another option.  You might have to do some footwork to see what is available in your area.  This is worth a try, we might get into it again in the winter as our CSA deliveries stop around October-November.
  • Off the path: Farmers markets, natural food stores, Food cooperatives, or direct from roadside stands.  Some of the best fresh corn on the cob is from a roadside stand, and your money is going directly to the farmer!
  • Coming soon: Amazon delivering fresh food to your door.  It’s only a matter of time people…

What is your preferred location or method to get groceries?