Frugal Not Cheap


Being frugal and being cheap are very different traits.  I’m often accused of being cheap, when in reality I’m concerned about the quality of product that I’m going to purchase.  I consider cheap as dollar store shopping as I feel that the items I’ve bought at the dollar store have broken very quickly.  I spend with a purpose, I’m not going to throw my money into the wind and keep buying more junk.

First, buying with a purpose means more than just running to the big box store to get groceries.  I buy local, stopping at the food co-op or getting locally grown veggies at the farmers market.

  • This may not be easy as meal planning of some level is required.  I struggle with meal planning and if I’ve made a plan it works for about two days and then I fall off the plan.
  • There are benefits to big box store shopping.  You could use special coupons or apps, just be cautions about impulse buys.  Those big stores are experts at marketing.

Next, how will this product have an impact on the world.  I like to bring my fabric grocery bag or ask for paper as I can recycle it.  It makes me sad to see garbage bags hanging on fences as I drive across town.  I get it that people use them as trash bag liners for a second use, and if that makes you feel warm and fuzzy that is nice.  I’ll just skip them.

Finally, the clutter of being cheap.  If you buy, buy, buy, then you’ll have stuff, stuff stuff.  And then we all become hoarders.  Yeah, that is a bit of a jump, but I suspect it has happened.  That pile of junk just gets taller and taller.  I only realize the amount of junk I’ve accumulated when its time to move to a new place.

  • Ask yourself – Is it a want or a need?  If it is a want, do you have the money budgeted for it?
  • Also – do I need this now or can it wait?  Wait until it goes on sale.

Good Luck on your journey to being frugal!  I’d love to hear your ideas of being frugal!




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